Erez Peleg - Co-CEOErez Peleg - Co-CEO

Erez has been Co-CEO of Opisoft since its inception in 1991. Erez holds an undergraduate degree in business administration and a graduate law degree - both from Bar Ilan University.
Erez started his professional career over 25 years ago in the IDF's MAMRAM (MA'ANA) computer unit.

"Opisoft's strength is in creating a heterogeneous work group - which offers our customers a wide range of benefits while operating in a well coordinated and synchronized manner. This all serves a single purpose – to allow our customers to achieve their own vision. I am proud to say I personally know all Opisoft employees, often going beyond a merely formal acquaintance."

Gideon Israeli - Co-CEOGideon Israeli - Co-CEO

Gideon founded the company, together with Erez Peleg, and has served Opisoft as Co-CEO since its inception in 1991. Gideon holds an undergraduate degree in economics and accounting and an MBA from Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Gideon is in charge of the company vision, broad business development, partner, investor and financial relations, as well as operations.

"For over a decade, Opisoft has been bringing the word about BI and performance management to enterprise customers. BI is a distinct discipline which calls for understanding the customer business - as well as extensive technological expertise. Opisoft is a leader in these aspects, which has earned the company the trust of leading organizations. We are focused on seeking a long-term Win-Win-Win situation for our customers, our staff and our company."

David Segal - Business Unit Manager and Deputy CEODavid Segal - Business Unit Manager and Deputy CEO

David has over 30 years' experience in enterprise computing. David has previously held senior positions with leading software companies in Israel: Area Manager at Yael; Manager, Projects and Outsourcing at TEAM; VP, IT at Taldor; and for over 10 years, David has been serving Opisoft as VP. David has managed and led dozens of major, complex IT projects in many domains in the government, public, defense, military, banking and other sectors.

"A proper relationship between vendor and customer is a system based on partnership, mutual inspiration and benefits over time. It is easy to make promises in order to get a customer to purchase. It is more challenging - and it takes longer - to create a relationship based on mutual admiration with the customer.".

Michal Ludvinovski - VP, Human ResourcesMichal Ludvinovski - VP, Human Resources

Michal holds an undergraduate degree in psychology (specialty in HR management) and in business administration. She has 26 years of management experience in a wide range of occupations, of which 14 years as an Israel Air Force Officer and later on as HR Manager in the private sector.

"For an organization, the road to excellence and business leadership is contingent on how all individuals in that organization act. At Opisoft Human Resources, we see employees as a resource to be invested in and developed - in order to maximize their full inherent potential. We see before us the company values and act in accordance with these values."

Amit Mey-Dan, VP, Business Solutions and ConsultingAmit Mey-Dan, Health Unit Manager and Deputy CEO

Amit is among the founders of the performance management discipline in Israel; over the past decade he has led dozens of complex BI consulting and implementation projects for companies in Israel and overseas. The methodology developed by Amit to create a supportive BI system for the enterprise measurement staff serves many organizations in Israel and has even been internationally acclaimed. Amit holds an undergraduate degree in economics and an MBA.

"The route to the target grows shorter as the target is more clearly defined. The challenge for us at Opisoft lies not in data selection or improvement, not even in presenting data to the right person, in the right format, at the right time. Our challenge is to be able to clearly understand the target - only then would we be able to help the organization in finding the shortest route to this target."