Opisoft is the leading company in Israel for implementation of BI-based management information systems and performance management solutions. Opisoft provides a wide range of BI , BIG DATA and BPM solutions to its customers - solutions designed to help organizations achieve their strategic objectives over time. The company's solutions address all enterprise needs for data warehousing, analysis and control, leveraging existing information systems, connecting BI systems with business needs of the organization and much more.

Opisoft offers its range of customers, leaders in the local and global market, a comprehensive solution for implementation and deployment of BI systems, from the launch phase and business design, through selection of the required technological environment and technological implementation of the solution - all the way through training and deployment of the solution across the organization by our expert team of experienced consultants. Due to the significance of BI solutions for the organization at the strategic level, we make sure to implement a wide range of advanced approaches and technologies to incorporate Quick Wins in as much as possible - together with agile implementation methodologies which allow for considerable, immediate flexibility given any change to the customer's business environment.

Our solutions bring real business value to the organization and significantly reduce current investment in operating and financial aspects. Our solutions are innovative and state-of-the-art, being based on extensive knowledge and accumulated experience of over 20 years in implementation of BI solutions for the leading organizations in Israel.

Opisoft solutions are offered and implemented for our customers through the following service offering

Consulting - Opisoft applies a practical methodology to assist organizations in carrying out the High Level Design (HLD).
We believe that the consulting engagement should be short and concise, while being comprehensive and high-quality.
Opisoft consulting teams are directly managed by a VP responsible for our team of experts.

Projects - Opisoft executes projects in our fields of expertise: enterprise data warehousing, advanced BI solutions such as performance management and call to action, business desks, Business Process Management (BPM), big data and handling of unstructured information.

Ready-made solutions for sectors - Opisoft has developed comprehensive analytic solutions designed for several sectors: Healthcare, financial, public, commercial and industrial sectors. The organization can benefit from the advantages offered by a ready-made solution based on business and technology insights accumulated by Opisoft over many years.

Development Centers - Opisoft, the leader in the Israeli BI market for over 20 years, offers its customers the unique services of Opisoft Development Centers – executing outsourced BI projects. The Development Center was created to provide organizations with a complete suite of BI services appropriate for them, to develop tools for them in order to improve performance and achieve business objectives - and to assist them in obtaining a current, real-time snapshot of all the business processes relevant for them.

Outsourcing - Opisoft is a highly-specialized company, allowing its in-house customers to benefit from the services of our experts - even by outsourcing. Opisoft offers experts in its core areas as well as in adjacent areas, including experts in BI, BPM, relevant development staff, database and infrastructure experts.